Summer Programming School
Volga Camp
Summer school targeting algorithms, data structures and special mathematical chapters for school students of the 7th grade and older
21st July - 4th August
Registration deadline is July 12, 15:00 (UTC+3)
The selection contest is open!
(extended till July 14, 23:59 (UTC+3) )
School starts in:
Summer programming school "Volga Camp" is a school targeting algorithms, data structures and special mathematical chapters for school students of the 7th grade and older. Here you can get invaluable experience and prepare for programming competitions.
The School was to be held near Kostroma, on "Berendeyevy Polyany" recreation department. But this year it will be held online from July 21 to August 4 .

There will be 5 separate programs each having a different difficulty level. The first 4 programs will be held in Russian and the 5th - in English. The registration for Russian programs is closed.

The School is conducted by the ACM MISIS competitive programming centre in collaboration with teachers and graduates of school 179, students and teachers of FCS HSE and DIHT MIPT.

To participate you need to get registered by following the link and then go through a selection process in the form of an online competition. The selection contest will be open during 96 hours on July 11-14. (You can write it at a time convenient for you). Participation fee is 200 €. And we have a special discount for students from developing countries except China, as our project has recently received some sponsor help. For participants from these countries the fee will be reduced to 15€.
How to get to the School
Get registered
Fill in the application form
Go through a selection process
The selection contest will be open for 48 hours on July 11-12 (write it at a time convenient for you)
Pay for the participation
Participation fee is 200 €
Join the School
This year the School will be held online
Payment details
Schedule (UTC+3:00)
of the Summer Programming School
Lunch break
Distant training
This year the School will be held online because of the pandemic
Our coaches will give lectures for small groups of participants on one of the platforms for videoconferencing. During the lecture you will be able to ask questions if you have any.
Every contest will be followed by an online tutorial. Help and assistance of the coaches will still be available to you afterwards.
There will be a contest after each lecture so as to work out the topic. If you have any difficulties with it, one of the coaches will help you.
The participation fee is 200 €
Our coaches:
Teachers of our school are the coaches of Moscow programming team and semi-finalists of world programming championship ICPC, teachers of Moscow School 179, winners and prize-winners of Russian National programming olympiads

Daria Krohina
Finalist of ICPC world finals
Igor Mamay
Chief methodist
Head coach of ACM MISIS, Moscow programming team coach
Alexander Fadeev
ICPC semi-finalist
Artem Boltikov
ICPC semi-finalist
Daryush Piskevich
ICPC semi-finalist
About Volga Camp
Volga Camp - is a project aiming at preparing school and university students for programming competitions. It is the fourth time already that NUST MISiS together with P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University holds the open student training camp of competitive programming. The camp is for students, who plan to enter the semi-finals of ICPC and do well in it next year.
Volga Camp is not just lectures and contests, but it is also a chance to get to know programmers from different places and meet well-known coaches.
An important innovation of the student winter camp 2020 was transmitting lectures and tutorials so that any person interested could join. We have saved all the materials and they are available to everybody here.
The camp is supported by SIT(Schaffhausen Institute of Technology) and ICPC NERC HQ (ICPC: Northern Eurasia Contests Headquarters) .

Russia, Sudislavl', Kostroma reg., "Berendeyevy Polyany" recreation department